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Myth or Fact: American Sign Language is better than Indian Sign Language

Myth: American Sign Language (ASL) is better than Indian Sign Language(ISL)

Fact: Every sign language is better in its own way, there is and should be no comparison. Whether it is ASL, ISL or MSL, the main objective that is getting fulfilled is that deaf people can communicate with each other. Some people, including the deaf, believe that ASL is grammatically better than ISL, having good vocabulary and are ready to adopt ASL instead of the Indian Sign Language.


The only reason that American Sign Language has a wider area of vocabulary, as compared to Indian Sign Language is that Americans have better access to secondary education, as compared to the Indians, and this could be a reason why some part of Bangalore uses ASL to communicate. ISL vocabulary can undergo rapid development if sign languages are also taught at university levels. Apart from this, there is really no comparison between ASL or ISL in terms of expressing your ideas/thoughts. Both languages help the deaf community to communicate with each other and express their feelings.

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