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Myth or Fact: Indian Sign Language is better than Signed-Hindi or Signed-English

Myth: Signed Hindi/Signed English is better than the Indian Sign Language.

FACT: Signed Hindi or signed English are in fact difficult than ISL as signed hindi or signed English are not actually languages on their own. Like Signed Hindi and Signed English, there are also other signed languages like Signed Urdu, Signed Marathi, Signed Telugu and Signed Tamil.

These languages together constitute a system which is known as the Indian Sing System (ISS) or Indian Signing System. ISS is a convention for manual codes for spoken languages used in India. This System makes use of words from ISL with the grammar of the signed languages mentioned above.

While delivering a sentence using signed Hindi or signed English, the meaning is often misinterpreted due to the improper use of gestures. Though signed English and signed Hindi are sometimes useful to explain things about the grammar of English or Hindi, ISL is more effective for conveying the message.

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