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Myth or Fact: Sign Language has grammar.

Myth: Sign Language has no grammar and is all about hand gestures.

Fact: People believe that communication with deaf people is easy and can be done by pointing to an object and making shapes in the air, to make them understand what they are trying to say. Some researchers have showed that the natural sign language are not just hand gestures and pantomime, it is in fact, a real human language.

Unlike in verbal languages, where grammar can be expressed through tense, mood and syntax, grammar in sign languages make use of the hand movements and gestures, as well as body and facial expressions. This is known as non-manual activity.

"what are you doing" in  sign language.
(“What are you doing”
-Yours truly
– Signer AI assistant)

Hence, Sign languages are complete languages. Sign languages do have a wide-ranging vocabulary of spoken language and several grammatical forms.

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