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Myth or fact: Sign Language is a Universal language

Myth: Sign Language is a Universal language.

Fact:  Sign Language is NOT same all around the world. Each country uses different sign languages. According to the statistics given by World Federation of the Deaf, there are almost 70 million deaf people in the world, and almost 80% deaf population live in developing countries. This 80% of deaf population use almost 300 different sign languages.

300 in sign language
(That is just an avatar from our app “Signer”, telling you the number of sign languages used.)

They are not identical in their vocabulary or grammatical structure. Things that differ in different sign languages are the blocks that are used to create signs, hand gestures and basic formation of a sentence. Despite of the fact that sign languages vary from country to country, they also vary from region to region, within the same country.

The spread of this myth has taken a rise because of technology. Deaf people can communicate with each other from one part of the globe to another part.

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