Empowering Inclusion with an AI-powered translator for Indian Sign Language
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Our product, SIGNER.AI, is a revolutionary tool that allows users to communicate in real-time using sign language. With our advanced translation technology, users can easily convert spoken words or written text into sign language, making communication accessible for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Some key features of our product include:

  • Dictionary mode: Allows users to learn and test their knowledge of sign language
  • Translation mode: Provides real-time translation of spoken words or written text into sign language
  • Live translation/interpretation: Enables users to communicate in sign language during Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings
  • Website integration: Translates the content of a given website URL into sign language
  • Email translation: Converts emails into sign language

In addition to these features, we also offer custom support for enterprises, with a variety of use-case scenarios available. Whether you’re a business looking to improve communication with your deaf employees, or an individual seeking to better communicate with deaf friends and family, SIGNER.AI has you covered.

Pricing for our product is available upon request. Please contact us for more information.